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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building utilizes the same rooms but for different reasons and have use of additional facilities for corporate use. Please contact us for more information.

Leadership Development:
Every organization has a corporate structure. However, once teams are selected, someone will emerge as a leader. Is it someone you expect? Is your group working as a team? This information will emerge as the escape progresses.

Most any escape can be accomplished by one person, given enough time. However, in order to be effective; talents, knowledge, willingness, capability, intuition, etc. will require the group to work collectively in order to make an effective escape.

Improve Communications:
Every escape has information (clues, puzzles, secrets) requiring the group to share ideas and strategies testing the teams abilities to accomplish common goals.

In some environments not everyone knows each other. This is a great way to break the ice and get your team involved in a fun and challenging experience.

Morale & Motivation:
Every once in awhile people need a break from the daily grind. This is a great way to improve morale, excite and motivate your team to bond with one another.

Everyone has a story, make yours here with your friends, family and co-workers.

Observe Interactions:
We can provide a look at how effectively and efficiently your team works together in a challenging environment.

Analyze Your Team's Performance:
This is not the same old team building exercise. This is a perfect place for a group to work together and achieve Success.

After entering the room, the door is locked, the clock begins. You have a limited amount of time to work together in an immersive, exciting, entertainment experience requiring communication, observation, a variety of skills. Success can only be accomplished with a team effort.

Each room is under video and audio surveillance. This allows us to record the team interaction. Our staff is then able to watch, evaluate and interpret the group dynamic. This information will help your group to better enhance your team performance in the workplace.

Corporate Team Building:
$50.00 per person, minimum 20

To inquire with us about scheduling your corporate team building, head on over to our contact page.

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